La Saint Bourrou à Marcillac

Highlight in the life of the winegrowers, La Saint-Bourrou is the celebration of the village of Marcillac-Vallon around the bud of the vine (the bourrou in Occitan). During this event, the winegrowers go in procession to the chapel of Foncourrieu to celebrate the bourrou and bless the harvests to come.
Wine tastings, meetings with the winegrowers, inductions into the Eschansonnerie de la Saint-Bourrou and numerous fairground events take place there throughout the Pentecost weekend.

Our cutlery Le Liadou du Vallon ®, which revived and exclusively manufactures Le Liadou ® - traditional knife of the Marcillac winegrowers - is obviously taking part in this beautiful celebration and will offer its customers a magnificent leather sheath (handcrafted in Aveyron) for any purchase of a Liadou Original ® or a Petit Liadou ® (pocket knife collections), from May 19 to 21, 2018.
Find this exceptional offer on as well as in our Marcillac boutique which will be, on this occasion, open all weekend.

Le Liadou du Vallon ® :
Tour de Ville, 12330 Marcillac-Vallon
mail: contact@le-liadou .com
tel: 05 65 67 15 12

So, come and celebrate Saint-Bourrou this weekend,
in order not to prove the famous saying: