It was during the renovation of his Normandy restaurant SaQuaNa in Honfleur that Alexandre Bourdas met Jean-Noël Rey and Nicolas Julvé. Since 2014, the duo have revived the emblematic knife of the winegrowers of Marcillac in Aveyron.

Alexandre Bourdas proudly defends the emblematic Aveyron knife.

"Less known than the Laguiole, it is a century-old knife, created for the winegrowers of Marcillac. They used it long ago to split wicker and bind vines. Rustic with its thick, solid and very sharp that folds into a curved wooden handle, also wide for a good grip, it is a beautiful object that symbolizes the work of men and the Aveyron region. I was looking for an extraordinary knife that connects me to my native country and I liked this knife". - Alexandre Bourdas -

A proud defender of his native region, Alexandre Bourdas mixes his Aveyron influences with the Normandy terroir in his gourmet restaurant. Thus, in 2016, when he reopened his restaurant, he wanted to symbolize his attachment to his roots through a beautiful rustic object, brought up to date. It will be the Liadou du Vallon ®. A year later, he became the ambassador of the brand, which he defends with pride. The opportunity for the Ruthénois to return to his land, to meet the passionate men who are at the origin of the rebirth of this knife.

Le Chef Alexandre Bourdas

Chef Alexandre Bourdas...

Half-Norman, half-Aveyronnais, the origins of Alexandre Bourdas allowed him to discover and develop a taste for “good” and “good things”. It is then his professional experiences, with Régis Marcon, Michel Guérard and Michel Bras in particular, which will give him the desire to trace his path, to go to the end of his vision of the kitchen. A cuisine linked to his childhood memories between two French regions with strong temperaments, and to his travels.

All these memories, these subtle flavors are found at one time or another in his cuisine, a warm and sometimes daring between Aveyron and Japan, between the high plateaus of the Moroccan Atlas and Normandy...
Thus, notes of sanshõ, miso, of chermoula or harissa rub shoulders with leeks and turnips, fish freshly caught on the Normandy coast... or Aubrac beef, as a nod to its native land.
His signature dish, poached monkfish served with a clear coconut broth and kaffir lime oil, flavored with lime, fresh coriander and lovage, recounts his journey from Tokyo to Honfleur.


Alexandre Bourdas - SaQuaNa** Honfleur
Photo credits: Franck Hamel