Le Liadou du Vallon would like to thank all the partners – in Conques in particular – who contributed to the realization of this exceptional project that is Le Liadou de Conques: MM. Davy Lagrange, mayor of Conques-en-Rouergue, and Bernard Lefebvre, president of the Grand Site, Conques Vallées Lot and Dourdou, Mr. Pierre Lançon, librarian-archivist of the Conques Historical Documentation Center, author of the various contributions to this booklet, the photographers who took the photos illustrating this same document: Ms. Agathe de Maupeou, MM. Philippe Bertrand, Patrice Geniez, Jean-Etienne Giraud and Jean-François Peiré as well as the graphic designer-illustrator Amélia Vigouroux (Mameth). Liadou du Vallon also thanks its cutlers Zaccari Invernizzi, Nicolas Adrian and Benjamin Plet, as well as its suppliers and friends for their valuable help and support.