An authentic winegrower's knife
made in the highest cutlery tradition

Le Liadou tells the story of a knife that Marcillac winegrowers used in the past to split the wicker and bind the vines into a crown.
The liadou , “ binding tool ” in Occitan, was a folding knife, solid and reliable, with a wide blade pointing downwards and a firm and nervous flat spring.
Disappeared in the middle of the 20th century with the advent of wire trellising, Liadou is today reborn with force, reflecting the whole soul of its terroir.
Discover it today through 6 collections made by hand in our workshop in Marcillac (Aveyron - France) according to the highest Aveyron cutlery tradition.

Le Liadou du Vallon ® in 6 collections

Liadou Original

A knife of great artisanal tradition with noble materials
and with clean lines

Liadou Corkscrew

The Liadou Corkscrew:
latest collection from our workshop

Petit Liadou

A more compact knife, in a chic version, to please women
and to all lovers of small knives

Liadou Exception

Exceptional knives
& unique models

Liadou Racing

Composite materials, a world inspired by motor sports
and nautical for a knife with a stylish design

Table Liadou

Prestigious boxes of 6 pieces to bring the art of the table to life under the sign of distinction

Services & guarantees Le Liadou du Vallon ®

Lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects

We take the greatest care in the manufacturing of our knives. The handle materials are carefully selected from the most beautiful species of precious wood, varieties of horns and other noble materials. Each knife is handcrafted in the purest cutlery tradition. The blade is made from the highest-performance steels and bears the registered trademark Le Liadou du Vallon ® guaranteeing the quality and origin of its products.
If, despite all our efforts, a manufacturing defect causing a defect or mechanical breakage of the blade, spring, tang, plates, nails or screw elements appears, we undertake to repair and return the defective knife to you free of charge.

Manufactured in our workshop in Marcillac in Aveyron (France)

All our knives are handmade in our workshop in Marcillac in Aveyron, France. Assembly, polishing and sharpening of each knife are carried out exclusively by hand in the purest cutlery tradition, that is to say by a single cutler.
The registered trademark Le Liadou du Vallon ® affixed to each knife blade guarantees the quality and origin of our products.

Delivery in Europe 48h & Worldwide 72h

Delivery rates :

  • Europe (48h) : 9.90€
  • USA (48h) : 39.90€
  • Worldwide (72h) : 39.90€
Free blade engraving

Do you want to personalize your Liadou ? Engraving of a text of 20 characters (including spaces) is offered to you. You can choose between 3 available fonts: Electro , Optima , or Script .
On request, it is possible to engrave 2 lines of text. For special orders, it is also possible to engrave vectorized images (logos or coats of arms). To do this, contact us .

Wood, bone, horn, carbon fiber or composite material?
Choose your style, your handle material, the steel of your blade
and personalize your Liadou with a free blade engraving.

The Liadou of Conques
special numbered series
from 1 to 1000

Equipped with an oak handle from the old framework of the abbey church recently dismantled, this exceptional Liadou is produced in a limited series of 1000 copies. The 12 cm handle is shaped by hand. The spring is numbered and engraved according to a pattern taken from one of the abbey capitals. The plates are made of solid brass. It is delivered to you free from July 30, in a luxurious box accompanied by a booklet dedicated to Conques and its link with Liadou.

New : Petit Liadou in fuchsia acrylic glass

In perpetual quest for innovation and aesthetics, our cutlers have created for you this exceptional Liadou, highlighting the use of a metal derived from the same family as silver and gold: copper.
Noble and rare, it is used here for the crafting of intricately engraved plates as well as in the premium carbon fiber that we have chosen for the handle.
There are two blade options: Damascus blade or Sandvik 14C28 blade.

These great chefs who have already chosen Le Liadou to enhance their tables...

Dimitri Droisneau :
La Villa Madie in Cassis, Bouches-du-Rhône (13), France. 3 stars in the Michelin Guide, elected Chef of the Year 2022.
Cyril Lignac :
Aux prés in Paris 6th, Le Chardenoux in Paris 11th and Ischia in Paris 15th, France.
Nicolas Masse :
Grand'Vigne – Les Sources de Caudalie in Martillac, Gironde (33), France. 2 stars in the Michelin Guide.
Julien Royer :
Odette in Singapore (3 stars in the Michelin Guide), Louise in Hong Kong (1 star in the Michelin Guide) and Claudine in Singapore.

Fabriqué en Aveyron et en Occitanie
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