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Headlines of Press Center & La Dépêche du Midi...

In their June 3, 2017 editions, the 2 regional dailies hail the rebirth of Liadou ® by offering their readers an interview with Nicolas Julvé and Jean-Noël Rey, initiators of this great adventure. Through the revival of this emblematic tool of the Marcillac winegrowers the newspapers also highlight the development of a genuine regional project aimed at promoting the Aveyron heritage and highlighting the excellence of Aveyron cutlery know-how.

The second life of a traditional object and of an entire territory...

Marcillac VallonWhen the Vallon de Marcillac still had several thousand hectares of vines, the famous Liadou was in every pocket to survey the hillsides and s to work in the vineyard. Exiled to the bottom of drawers and repressed from collective memories, the emblematic tool is reborn at the same time as the vineyard of Marcillac regains its letters of nobility. "AOP Marcillac, chaired by Philippe Teulier, is our partner with whom we work together" says Jean-Noël Rey, who is keen to highlight "the role of alumni like my grandmother. mother Denise Rey, André Nayrolles, Gilbert Mestre, René Bex, and Jacques Sales who helped us reconstruct the thread of this story”. Committed to promoting its heritage and its vineyards through the Label "Vignoble et Découvertes", the territory of the Vallon de Marcillac is now focusing on the future by enriching itself with its own cutlery and winemaking history.

A symbol of Aveyron...

La Fabrication d'un CouteauWhile the Liadou ® asserts its strong roots in Aveyron by favoring partnerships with actors and local businesses, it also prides itself on attracting and encouraging the support of recognized great leaders
. All of them also make originality, excellence and authenticity the touchstone of their passion. This is how Le Liadou ® has already sat down to eat at Julien Boscus (starred * Michelin, "Les Climats", Paris 7th), Tomy Gousset ("Tomy & Co", Paris 7th), Cédric Gaston ( l'Auberge de l'Ady, Valady) or Quentin Bourdy & Noémie Honiat (Top Chef 2012 & 2013, Bib Gourmand , "The Universe", Villefranche-de-R.).

…which seduces far beyond its cradle...

Le LiadouVery attached to their territory, the Aveyronnais of Paris from the Vallon and its surroundings have also found in this perspective the means of consolidating ties that unite Aveyron to the capital. Much more than just an original gift, Le Liadou ® becomes the symbol of Aveyron and its cutlery excellence. The quality and sober design of the Liadou ® is also expressed through its Liadou de Table ® collection.
Just recently, the Aveyron chef two-starred Alexandre Bourdas has joined Le Liadou ® to be its starred ambassador from his nationally and internationally renowned restaurant SaQuaNa, located in Honfleur.
A few months after the launch of its online store Le Liadou ® also has unwavering enthusiasts as far away as Sweden and in Hungary...
With the opening of its store on the Tour de Ville de Marcillac in May 2017, the launch of its collection Liadou Exception ®, the small Vallon knife
proves that authenticity, originality and quality are the finest assets of local and international seduction.

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